About Globaleze

Founded by Sarah Martin who has 15 years experience in International Business at Unilever, Digicel and the China Market Entry company Mamabud. Sarah has worked on countless launches across Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, the South Pacific, and more recently in China. She has seen first hand the risks and costs associated with tackling geographic expansion from market selection to in market launching. 

At Globaleze we use the Lean Start Up methodology of Eric Reis to help you launch into new geographic markets quickly and cost effectively. By developing a localised Minimal Viable Products, (MVP), you can engage with early adopters, receive feedback and implement continuous improvement cycles around messaging, pricing and value propositions for maximum long term profitability.

The aim is to find product-market fit and provide you with the tools you need to achieve sustainable in market success. With Globaleze this is all achievable before investing the time, money and human resources required for establishing in a market. Investing big only when the opportunity is proven and traction demonstrated.

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